Production Services

AWOL Performing Arts & Media Production Warehouse

With clients ranging from small church groups to large international corporations, AWOL students gain valuable skills in media production by engaging local clients through our Media Production Warehouse. So whether you need young actors, or a camera operator for the day, or perhaps you need a full promotional video shot, produced and edited, AWOL kids along with industry professionals can get the job done. Check out our wide range of available services.

Marketing and Promotional Video production

  • Pre-production Services (talent acquisition, concept development, script writing, ect.)
  • Production Services (youth camera operators, lighting techs, sound tech, ect.)
  • Post Production Services (youth editors, Final Cut Pro, DVD authoring)
  • Multi platform encoding (DVD and web based)

Theater & Performing Arts

Each year AWOL fields dozens of calls for talented youth actors, dancers, rap artist, ect. We are delighted to be a part of making your event e


DJing and Recording Studio Services


With industry ready recording equipment and top of the line DJing/ Sound equipment, AWOL offers first class services.

In addition to recording vocals and instruments, AWOL’s recording studio also offers mixing, mastering, and voice-over services. Our sound engineers all have thorough knowledge of all digital audio workstations.

We DJ an array of events including weddings, banquets, and parties. Our memorable DJ’s are sure to make your next event a momentous occasion.

For booking and general inquiries email:

Carnesha Johnson (