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Break Dancer Choreography

Steven Baumgardner

Break Dancer Choreography


Breakdancing was one of the four founding elements of hip-hop ( Breakdancing, Emceeing , Djing &  Graffiti) created in the late 70′s in New York City during a time when poverty and gang violence where at an all time high. Being used as one of the tools to bring peace between gangs, hip-hop became the battle ground for the former gang members and breakdancing took over the floor! Starting with Uprock (The part of the dance that was done while standing) and making it’s way to the floor, breakdancing has evolved from its simple movements to an incredible dance form with thousands of moves and infinite possibilities! Not to be confused with Poppin n  Lockin.(which is a form of hip-hop dance created on the west coast in the early 80′s focusing more on isolated movements and equally important to the continuing growth in hip-hop culture.)   What we will be focused on is the basic foundation of this dance form( Uprock, battlerock, six-step, and a freeze). Each one of these steps will teach, in there ow way, self control. As wild as breakdancing appears every move is practice precisely. What we will be focusing on is the movements, how they are all connected, and how to control yourself in any position.