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Assistant Director

Johnathan Johnson

Assistant Director


Jonathan Johnson is a proud native of Birmingham, Alabama.  After high
school he left B’ham with a dream to perform and change the world.
His ambition and drive led him to Berea Kentucky where he majored in
Theater and Communications.  While at Berea College he became an
active participant in the Berea College Theater Laboratory and
participated in four major productions. Those plays included: Winnie
the Pooh by A.A. Milne (Tigger), West Side Story by Arthur Lawrence
(Action), Seven Guitars by August Wilson (Canewell), and BC Cubed
Arranged by Adanma Onyedike (Multiple Characters).  He was nominated
as an Irene Ryan candidate for West Side Story and Seven Guitars;
which is a prestigious honor given to the cast member who gave an
outstanding performance. He also was a part of several independent
endeavors directed by students which included: Hidden Wounds by
Cedarian Crawford (Bishop), Yellow Boat by David Saar (Benjamin), and
The Misfits by Cedarian Crawford (Deacon Edwards). In 2010 he was
selected to be a part of a new project sponsored by Eastern Kentucky
University. This new production was a one man show entitled A Man
Stands: A Man’s Struggle for Equality, which traveled to different
high school educating students on the history of African Americans and
their struggle for equality in America. In the spring of 2010 he
received his Bachelors of Arts in theater and decided to continue his
education. In the fall of 2010 he was accepted into the prestigious
graduate program at the Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD)
where he is pursuing a Masters of Fine Art. Jonathan continues to stay
active, just recently he directed Ntozke Shange’s For Colored Girls,
which was his Savannah directing debut. In the spring of 2012 he will
be directing Before It Hits Home by Cheryl L. West, which showcases
Jonathan’s passion for HIV/ AIDS Awareness in the African American
community. Jonathan is so blessed to be a part of A.W.O.L, because of
the amazing purpose and prestige in the Savannah community. With this
new opportunity at AWOL Jonathan is fulfilling his dream of changing
the world, by being a positive impact in the lives of these amazing
young people.