Whose In the Program

Tue, Wed & Thur: 6 - 8:30
Every Other Sat: 10 - 2

Pam Newton
Steven Baumgardner

Theater & PA

Theater & Performing Arts students are enrolled in AWOL’s Act Up! ensemble style pre-professional theatre training and youth development program. Students enrolled through an intense workshop experience taught by teams of local theater arts professionals. Classes balance skill development with the joy and artistry of play making. Students learn the historical and cultural context of classical and contemporary plays. The programs focuses on the following Georgia Arts Education Performance Standards in Acting, Drama and Technical Theater as provided by the Georgia Department of Education for grades 9-12. In the area of drama students learn how to investigate and reports on styles of acting from different historical periods, to identify and apply appropriate movement for different forms and styles of theater, demonstrate effective use of voice in dramatic process (pitch, volume, articulation, breath support, control, and tempo). They also develop skill, by demonstrating effective use of stage by exploring through the movement process, how to identify and explore skills required for a career preparation as an actor. Finally, students are exposed to hands-on internships in technical theater by working with local experts and learning how to apply personal responsibility in all aspects of technical theater, production, and design and defining and using vocabulary as applied to technical theater (sets, light, props, costumes, sound and makeup).The program culminates in an annual performance at the historic Lucas Theatre.


Pictures from this years play rehearsal "Choices" Romeo & Juliet 2009