Sound Design Artist Facilitator

Lloyd Harold

Sound Design Artist Facilitator

Over the years, Lloyd Harold, a native of Atlanta, GA, has become somewhat of a renaissance man. In 2002, his life long love for the visual arts led him to the Savannah College of Art and Design or SCAD in pursuit of a degree in sequential art. His dream of becoming a comic book artist was short lived after coming to the realization that technology was creeping its way into the world of visual art by way of 3-D animation and video game development. Harold declared his major as computer art in the spring of 2002. While enrolled in the program the department split up into smaller schools of design and he chose the path of interactive design/game development, in hopes of breaking into the fast growing field of game design.

A few months before starting at SCAD, Harold had begun to develop another talent. Under the name KidSyco, he began to make a name for himself on the local Hip-Hop scene as a long-winded freestyle rapper. Entering open-mics, battles and showcases whenever he got the chance he quickly earned the respect of Hip-Hop fans all over Savannah. After about a year of freestyling on corners and filling composition books with verse after verse, Harold was finally ready to begin recording.

He began tracking demos on his roomates computer which eventually led to taking up a minor in sound design, so that he could learn the ins and outs of the recording studio. By the time he graduated in March of 2007, Harold had written, recorded, produced and mixed his first album, “Duality”, and started working on his second. A few months after graduating college, he began to work with AWOL as an artist facilitator for the P.R.O.J.E.C.T.S. sound design program, along side the talented Patrick Rogers. Since then, Harold has completed two albums, “YES!” and “The Mr. Gold Experience” and begun teaching visual art at Pooler Elementary school. He also freelances as an illustrator and graphic designer, and will soon begin work on a series of children’s books.

ARE YOU GOLDEN? teaser 2 from Cesar Flores on Vimeo.

Oh Yeah! from Brandywine on Vimeo.