Carnesha C’Jizzy Johnson

Artist Facilitator


Originating in 1985-90 the popular subculture of big-city teenagers known as hip hop became a powerful movement across the nation. At the tender age of four, Hip Hop found this young lady ,born into this world as, Carnesha Johnson. The arousal of hip hop came from being around Uncle Kino Deas who was a hip hop producer, at the time, who was always rapping and producing. Along with, her older cousin, Aaron, listening to the lyrical content of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G on repeat sparking an interest in this new fad at six years old. At that time ,Carnesha had found her niche and became serious at ten years old. To others she came across as smart and shy, which she was,but not outgoing debuting to the world her first performance in the seventh grade. The nervous feeling was no where to be found just anxiousness and hype. As she stepped on stage wearing her fresh Nautica outfit filled of hype an anxiousness the beat of her song “check out my flow” dropped and she rocked the mic. As she delivers her first line the crowd energy was high and by the end she was receiving a standing ovation. Right then and there CJizzy had arrive. The talent of this young lady was there and she could have took what she had at that moment straight into the music industry but she was smarter than that. She knew in order to become better at what you do education and training had to fall in on her way to the top. As she started college at Full Sail University she had to adjust to altered way of things like having twelve hours of class opposed to fifty minutes to an hour fifteen at a normal university. At this point in time, she was being tested on whether she wanted to pursue music as a career or quit. Luckily, The passion,the hunger,the drive was there to continue on in her learning. Through her perseverance she acquired an Associate in Arts in 2008. Then, Bachelor of Arts in music business in 2009. Along with, a Masters in Internet Marketing. “Music is a way to effect people in a positive matter changing people’s life.” says CJizzy. Showing that it’s more than about money in her profession. She kept advancing in her music career featuring in a lot of other artist music as well as being a song writer. Until March of 2011 CJizzy returned to the lime light releasing her first solo album. Following the launching of her first album, her greatest moment came when she was teaching at A.W.O.L inc. 2 week summer camp teaching young people all about rapping. Then, to see them display an excellent performance for their parents brought tears to her eyes because at that moment there stood proof of how her gift rubbed off onto others effecting them in a positive light which she set forth to do in the beginning.


Lloyd Harold

Sound Design Artist Facilitator

Over the years, Lloyd Harold, a native of Atlanta, GA, has become somewhat of a renaissance man. In 2002, his life long love for the visual arts led him to the Savannah College of Art and Design or SCAD in pursuit of a degree in sequential art. His dream of becoming a comic book artist was short lived after coming to the realization that technology was creeping its way into the world of visual art by way of 3-D animation and video game development. Harold declared his major as computer art in the spring of 2002. While enrolled in the program the department split up into smaller schools of design and he chose the path of interactive design/game development, in hopes of breaking into the fast growing field of game design. more