Comcast Digital Connectors

One Economy’s Digital Connectors program identifies talented young people, immerses them in technology training, and helps them build their leadership and workplace skills to enter the 21st century economy. Digital Connectors are also motivated by community service. A major program requirement is to give back to their families, friends and communities what they have learned. Over the course of the program, young people gain new knowledge that helps them in school, prepares them for employment, and instills the pride of knowing they had made a difference in their communities.

Nationally, these young people connect to each other through a private Connectors Club social network, a social networking and information portal that shares scholarship, job and life skills content.

Committed to no less than 8 hours each week at a local school, community center or affordable housing development, Digital Connectors can:

  • Offer leadership and technical skills to their peers and neighbors;
  • Complete community service projects that promote digital literacy;
  • Map their communities and create technology resource guides for residents;
  • Provide technology training and support to residents and community groups;
  • Help connect residents to computers and the Internet;
  • Use digital media to create tutorials on technology and document how it is helping their communitie
  • Create original content for their local Beehives and the Connector’s Club website.

In addition to hands-on learning, Digital Connectors also learn about career opportunities through site visits to technology companies, job shadowing experiences, and campus tours. Many participating youth receive stipends through their City’s employment program or new computers as compensation for their efforts.