AWOL conducts numerous year round and special event fundraisers throughout the year. Please check our online calender for special event fundraisers. Our major year round fundraiser is entitled 2000 Strong or 2K Strong for AWOL. 2K Strong is an effort to have at least 2000 year round donors to contribute $100 to AWOL either as a one time donation or through monthly $10 increments. Information on how to join 2K Strong and encourage others to do so can be found on the 2Kstrong Website at :

Outside Group Fundraisers

AWOL welcomes the fundraising efforts of both secular and faith based groups wishing to host fundraising events on behalf of the organization. We are always excited when other groups express support for our organization by way of such activities. The following rules have been developed over time and stem from our past experience in dealing with such matters. The following rules will help to maintain a smooth relationship between AWOL and the many groups/individuals that support our mission.

All outside fundraising must be approved by the Executive Director(ED) at least 4-weeks prior to the proposed event.

● All outside group fundraisers must be respectful of the agencies mission of positive youth development.

● Permission to use the AWOL trademark and logo on event marketing material must be expressly approved in writing by the Executive Director prior to printing and distribution.

● It is AWOL’s preference not to be included in fundraisers in which AWOL is not the sole beneficiary. Only under limited circumstances will these type of activities be allowed.

● AWOL also reserves the right to promote any and all AWOL programs and/or events at said fundraisers conducted by outside groups on our behalf.

● The outside group conducting any fundraisers with the expressed permission of AWOL assumes all liability for said event and is responsible for acquiring the appropriate City/County permits/licensee’s and insurance coverage.

● Applications (see attached) will be reviewed within two weeks after being submitted, on a first-come, first-served basis.

● Fundraisers by outside groups should not conflict with AWOL’s normal program operations.

Faith Based Group Fundraisers

Fundraisers conducted by faith based groups must be cognizant of IRS rules which prohibit the organization from promoting and/or participating in any particular religion or “inherently religious” activities. AWOL participants come from a wealth of backgrounds and differing religious and cultural practices which we support and respect. This does not mean that we do not welcome the support of faith based groups. It simply means that we must work together to protect the non-profit status of AWOL while working with such groups.

Please download and complete the AWOL Outside Group Fundraising Form to have your proposed event approved.

AWOL Outside Group Fundraising Event Application