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Davena Jordan, Executive Director

Executive Director

DaVena Jordan,  is truly the fuel that keeps AWOL running. Servings as the organizations Executive Director since 2003, DaVena has written and managed well over a half a million dollars in public and private contracts in support of the mission of providing youth with a safe space. DaVena is a Savannah native and A.E. Beach High school graduate and was selected as Ms.Beach 1995 before graduating from Savannah’s beloved historically black high school. She was also selected as Ms. Freshmen 1995 during her freshmen year of college at Savannah State University before leaving to pursue her military career in the United States Air Force as an Aeromedical Evacuation Technician stationed at Charleston Air Force Base.

DaVena’s Press, Awards & Social Media

2010 Leadership Savannah

Armstrong Atlantic State University 75 Most Noted Graduates

Jordan’s named MLK 2010 Humanitarians of the Year

DaVena is also a 2003 graduate of Armstrong Atlantic State University’s Health Science program. While searching for an internship before graduation, DaVena happened upon one of Savannah’s premier non-profit agencies, Union Mission, Inc. She was fortunate enough to land a job working for the agency prior to graduation as an HIV/AIDS Outreach Worker for the Phoenix Project as an Outreach Coordinator under a Department of Human Resources HIV/AIDS prevention grant. As a part of her graduation project, she decided to do a theatrical production for teens about the HIV/AIDS awareness, subsequently named Hold Up. It was through this process that she was able to marry her love for Art with her knowledge of public health. The play was an instant hit with youth of the community and was even funded by the Pfizer Foundation for 3 years.

Upon leaving Union Mission, Inc. in 2005, DaVena embarked on a new public health mission using the same tool, art as a way to reach at-risk youth and steer them on to a better path in life. She decided to make a full time commitment with husband and AWOL CVO & Founder Tony “Polo” Jordan to AWOL All Walks of Life, Inc.

DaVena now has over 9 years of experience in non-profit management to include grant writing, project management, program development, implementation and evaluation. Since becoming incorporated in 2004, AWOL under Jordan’s leadership has encountered over 10,000 youth and community members through various programs and services. Jordan was responsible for growing the agencies budget by nearly 500% in its first full year of operation and has since secured and successfully managed well over a half a million dollars in public and private grants/contract as well as established community partnerships and shared space agreement saving the organization over 1 million dollars over the last 5 years. DaVena is a relentless advocate for youth, who are so often a “voiceless” populations with little control over the development of policies and legislation that can have resounding effects on them.