Chris Miller

Prior to re-locating to Savannah in 2001, Chris Miller was an original member of, and held a number of roles critical to the widely acclaimed success of Atlanta-based Internet service provider, MindSpring Enterprises.

He was the principle architect of the award-winning Technical/Customer Support model, then took a lead role in the Network Planning, Provisioning and Installations group, later directing the Enterprise Management Systems group and finally heading-up the Network Operations Center as Vice President for the combined MindSpring/Earthlink Corporation.

Miller played a key role in the aggressive growth via acquisition and integrations of PSINet, SpryNet, Netcom and ultimately, the merger with Earthlink, leading to the creation of the nation’s 2nd largest ISP.

Originally from Wilmington Delaware, Miller majored in GIS at Humboldt State University in Arcata California and Georgia State University in Atlanta.

In addition to his wide technology experience, he was also a former U. S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Zanzibar, Tanzania, and brings to Creative Cities Consulting a wealth of senior management expertise from a wide variety of roles including technical management, commercial sales, event productions, manufacturing operations, small business and entrepreneurship consulting, as well as international, economic and community development.

In addition to recognition for The Creative Coast Alliance from the International Economic Development Council, he has also been the recipient of the Georgia Link Award, the Savannah Small Business Chamber Champion of the Year and nominated by the Turknett Leadership Group for a their Leadership Character Award.

From October 2003 through December 2007, Miller served in dual roles as the Executive Director of The Creative Coast Alliance and as Director of Technology Development for the Savannah Economic Development Authority. In December 2007, Miller stepped down as director of The Creative Coast Initiative to launch his own ventures, “Creative Cities Consulting” and “Illuminomics”. He continues to be heavily involved with Savannah and the regional community, is a lead consultant to The Creative Coast Alliance, and is currently working on projects in Sweden, the Baltic states and other projects around the southeast U.S.

Miller founded the original concept, energy and plan which launched The Creative Coast Alliance into a leading position in innovation-led economic development in the U.S. The impact on Savannah and the region has been significant and has put Savannah well on a quality job and wage growth path that has further enhanced the regional high-quality of life.

He currently maintains a residence by Forsyth Park in historic Savannah and can be contacted for community, business, technology and strategic-foresight speaking engagements and services.