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Cast/Enrollment Roster 2012-2013

September 10, 2012

Congratulations to the following students for making the AWOL All Walks of Life, Inc. 2012-2013 Cast/Enrollment Roster. Please be sure to adhere to the instructions given by your Artist Facilittors for attendance at this years first day of programing, Tuesday 9/18/12 at 6:00pm. SOUND DESIGN students will report to our south-side  location at 6 Oglethorpe Professional Blvd. THEATRE students will report back to the SPACE Black Box theater located at 9 West Henry St. Thanks to all of your for coming out and showing your talent. Now let’s make it a GREAT YEAR!

Reminder! Did you pick up the Red Thank You Letter/Information sheet before you left auditions? If not, download it below for information on program fees and fall scheduling.




AS OF 9/10/12 (Subject to Change)


Frankie Smith

Africk Morris

Sharisse Coleman

Shalondria Coleman

Terin Johnson

Tim Austin

Detric Leggett

Marquis Ervin

Tatyana Wiggins

ZeQuan Morris

Henry Williams

Markeya Relaford

Jaylan Martin

Alan Ware Jr.

Emoni Greene


Codaja Williams

Donald Mack

Nathan Godfrey

Sharia Philadelphia

Rose Simmons

Shabre Habersham

Daiquan Robinson

Jasper Brayboy

Mary Person

TaDazsia Patterson

Jabria Cooper

Rashaina Owens

Catera McBean

Amber Fielder

Derriona Campbell

Lauren Spaulding

Roemello Stokes

Montrice Anderson

Alexis Gardner

Cedrick Gardner

Cierra Gardner

Raheem Tanksley

Nychelle Wiggins

Kareemah Tanksley

DaRielle Snider

Ashley Edwards

Adrienne Glover

Lavoris Morris

Jasmine Thomas

JaVonte Reynolds

Prentiss Bacon

Clarissa Bacon

Madison Gaddis

Tiffany Williams

Alayna Williams

Brie Hudson

Jewani Jenkins

Tyree Thomas

Ella Joseph

Mikayla Mitchell

Zoria Knowles

Kerri Hardy

Amia Ferguson

Nadia Pettiford

Monae Murphy

Breyonna Jordan

Tatiana Frederick

Tyelor Moore

Haley Ware

Yasmine Edwards

Amber Gray

Camiyah Boggs

Karmen Grant

Jarkelious Kelly