AWOL Atlanta Announcement

November 14, 2011


November 14, 2011

Media Contact: DaVena Jordan


Award Winning Youth Program Heads to Atlanta
Grammy Nominated Singer Anthony David
to Announce Plans at 11/16 Concert at CenterStage Atlanta

Atlanta, GA – 11/14/11 – Atlanta’s own grammy nominated singer/songwriter Anthony David announces plans to spearhead an effort to bring a new award winning Savannah based youth arts and technology program to Atlanta. Davids announcement and fundraising kick-off is planned for his upcoming 11/16/11 concert event at CenterStage Atlanta located at 1374 W. Peachtree St. NW at 8:00pm and will also include additional information about the program as well as opportunities to donate or sign up as a volunteer. All donors donating $50 or more will receive an autographed copy of Anthony Davids latest album, As Above So Below.


AWOL All Walks of Life, Inc. is an award winning youth development program founded by Tony & DaVena Jordan, from David’s hometown of Savannah, GA. The mission of the organization is to promote and provide self-awareness through the use of poetry, hip-hop and life. This mission is met by providing youth at-risk with access to high quality youth arts and technology programs during the hours most relevant to them, after school and at night. The program has been nominated to the prestigious National Youth Arts & Humanities Award list of top fifty US based arts and humanities programs both in 2010 and 2011.


“I have seen a lot of good social programs that target youth in our community, but by far the work being done in Savannah by AWOL that uses art and media production coupled with artist mentors is the most holistic approach that I have seen, and I really feel that the youth of Atlanta deserve and need this program”, Anthony David.


AWOL uses a year long intensive project based learning approach to youth development that also allows the organization to function as a juvenile delinquency prevention program. Since 2003 the organization has encountered hundreds of youth both from modest to the most disadvantaged homes and in every instance AWOL’s unique arts based approach has had a tremendous impact on changing the lives of youth.


“We are totally excited about our expansion to Atlanta and hope to be a great addition and resource to other youth serving agencies in the effort to impact teens in a positive way that is both beneficial to the community and most importantly the young people we serve, Tony Jordan, AWOL Founder.


Over the past seven years, AWOL has encountered hundreds of Savannah youth with many of them referred by the local juvenile justice system. By the numbers, 80% of youth who complete the AWOL year-long intensive arts and technology training program go on to college, the military or technical school. What’s more is that youth referred by the local court system have a less than 10% recidivism rate after completing the program, proving that art and positive group level mentoring can save lives. In short, AWOL programs encourage respect, creativity, education and most of all non-violence.


“We are truly in hopes that the Atlanta artist community will join forces and unite around this worth while effort to provide youth with a safe space where their voice can be heard and their creative potential realized”, DaVena Jordan, AWOL Executive Director.


“AWOL not only help to develop me into a leader, the year-round arts programs just kept me so busy, I had no time to even think about going off track with my life. The environment was so family like that Tony “Polo” Jordan has become like my favorite uncle and mentor. I am now on track to graduate from Clark Atlanta University next year and I truly owe part of my life success to my 4-years of participation in AWOL programs, Ciara Campbell, Senior, Clark Atlanta Unversity.


Atlanta will be the groups first planned expansion effort with inquiries already coming from Columbia, SC and as far as New Orleans, LA. The group hopes to launch the program in the Atlanta area at the start of the fall 2012-2013 school year. During the development phase the group will need to raise funds for operations, seek out other community partners, local arts groups as well as solicit for volunteer support from community artist that will act as artist facilitators. The main art forms taught by AWOL include theater and performing arts, sound design and music recording, film and digital photography and information technology. Anyone interested in learning more should visit the organizations website at or call 404-954-2965.


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Anthony David and Ciara Campbell AWOL alumni student and Clark Atlanta senior


Anthony David and AWOL youth -Savannah site




The mission of the organization is to promote and provide self-awareness through the use of Poetry, Hip Hop, and Life. This mission is accomplished by providing youth with safe and free after-school and evening arts-based educational programs. The organization’s main goal is to successfully develop youth in an environment that encourages respect, education, creativity and most of all non-violence. Using the elements of hip hop as a means to promote self-expression and self-respect, AWOL strives to provide troubled youth with an outlet for their creative energy and frustration, empowering them to overcome peer pressure and to make better decisions in their daily lives. What began as a casual gathering of poets, musicians and emcees at Savannah State University in 1997 was incorporated as a non-profit group in September of 2004, a way for Founder/CEO Tony “Polo” Jordan, an emcee and probation officer, to compromise between his love of hip hop and his experiences helping troubled kids. Juxtaposing hip hop culture and positive youth development though various artistic mediums, the organization has become one of Savannah’s premier youth serving organizations. The organization hosts a number of events including: a weekly television show called the Chop Shop, a monthly open mic night (Therapy Session), a conflict resolution workshop, an annual hip hop history play, digital arts education programs involving film and music production (My Block and The P.R.O.J.E.C.T.S.) and the IT program training youth to refurbish used computers.